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Sat 14 Jun 2014 11:55:08 AM PDT

Hey, kids! Actionable insights!

First, remember the gas pump sticker? Here's another image for you. This is a tag I found lying around:

RFID Protected Product

Why do things like this even exist?

Why don't people want "RFID Amplifying Product"?

Why isn't there something like "This front pocket features RFID Amplification to share relevant personal information with brands you love!"

Anyway, look what the RSS reader dragged in. (Advertising/surveillance marketing/privacy link dump follows. If you only have time to click through to one thing, read this one from John Broughton: Disintermediation and the curious case of digital marketing – revisited.)

Rebecca J. Rosen: Study: Consumers Will Pay $5 for an App That Respects Their Privacy

Timothy B. Lee: Thousands of visitors to hit with malware attack, researchers say Two Internet security firms have reported that Yahoo's advertising servers have been distributing malware to hundreds of thousands of users over the last few days. The attack appears to be the work of malicious parties who have hijacked Yahoo's advertising network for their own ends.

Jason Mander: Big Data, meet Big Privacy

Cody Beck: The Circle of Junk: Traffic => Content => Advertising

Egor Homakov: Cookie Bomb or let's break the Internet.

Google Public Policy Blog: Busting Bad Advertising Practices — 2013 Year in Review

Tim Peterson: Consumers Becoming Less Trusting of Google, Warier of Facebook, Twitter

BOB HOFFMAN: The Slow Painful Collapse Of The Social Media Fantasy

joebsf: Ad-Tech Valuation: Color by Numbers

iMedia Connection: All Feed: The future of third-party cookies In defense of militant anti-Google protests

MediaPost | Data and Targeting Insider: Fake Clicks To Cost Marketers $11.6 Billion

Chris Heilmann: Why “just use Adblock” should never be a professional answer Creators of original content are not the ones who make the most money with it; instead it is the ones who put it in “this kid did one weird trick, the result will amaze you” headlined posts with lots of ads and social media sharing buttons. This is killing the web. We allowed the most important invention for publishing since the printing press brought literacy to the masses to become a glossy lifestyle magazine that spies on its readers.

Michael Schrage: Big Data’s Dangerous New Era of Discrimination

Chester Wisniewski: Misleading advertisements lead to hijacked browser settings

glyn moody: Interview: Eben Moglen - "surveillance becomes the hidden service wrapped inside everything"

mitchell: Content, Ads, Caution

eaon pritchard: I'll see you in the sewer

Dare Obasanjo: How Facebook Knows What You Looked at on Amazon

Lucia Moses: New Report Says How Much Advertising Is Going to Piracy Sites

Barry Levine: The average piracy site makes $4.4M each year on ads from Amazon, Lego, etc.

BOB HOFFMAN: The Epic Screwing Of Online Advertisers

Bill Davidow: Redlining for the 21st Century (via O'Reilly Radar - Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies) Businesses would like customers to believe that they use big data only to add value to the consumer experience. But the behavior of many businesses demonstrates a deep interest in customer control.

Tim O'Reilly: The Creep Factor: How to Think About Big Data and Privacy

Home - The Data Brokers: Selling your personal information (via Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union)

Glyn Moody: What Happens When You Marry The NSA's Surveillance Database With Amazon's Personalized Marketing?

Jack Marshall: Fraudulent traffic: adventures in ad farming

lioninasidecar: Disintermediation and the curious case of digital marketing – revisited The whole issue of disintermediation is one of the key phenomena of the internet age, yet for some reason digital advertising seems to have missed out. In fact, somewhat perversely, digital advertising has instead managed to go in entirely the other direction, filling up with a whole new class of mediators, the adtech companies.

The Tech Block: A ‘crisis’ in online ads: One-third of traffic is bogus

Alex Kantrowitz: Digital Ad Fraud Is Rampant. Here's Why So Little Has Been Done About It

Bruce Schneier: Don’t Listen to Google and Facebook: The Public-Private Surveillance Partnership Is Still Going Strong

Dillon Reisman: Cookies that give you away: The surveillance implications of web tracking

Barry Lowenthal: Mobile is hitting the nuclear reset button The startups I spoke with believe there are better ways to make money in mobile than advertising. I think this is very telling and worrisome for all the people reading this piece: Advertising on mobile devices is still broken.

BOB HOFFMAN: My Talk At "Advertising Week Europe"

Jonathan Levitt: In-Store Cell Phone Tracking Pits Consumers Against Retailers Industry research shows that consumers overwhelmingly reject cell phone tracking. In a recent OpinionLab study of 1,042 consumers, 77.0% said that in-store cell phone tracking was unacceptable, and 81.0% said that they didn't trust retailers to keep their data private and secure.

Elizabeth Dwoskin: Student Data Company to Shut Down Over Privacy Concerns

zephoria: New White House Report on Big Data

George LeVines: 1p – As domestic abuse goes digital, shelters turn to Tor Today, many abuse cases contain at least one digital facet because abuse is about power and control and most victims are using some form of technology...

Shoshanna Zuboff: Dark Google will earn its money by knowing, manipulating, controlling reality and cutting it into the tiniest pieces.

DoctorBeet: LG Disables Smart TV features in the EU to force users to accept new oppressive Privacy policy

Kif Leswing: Not all ad blockers are the same. Here’s why the EFF’s Privacy Badger is different

Tim Bray: Pervasive Monitoring Is an Attack I think it was very important, for the continued relevance and usefulness of the IETF, that it, in this case, rise above its own naysayers, bring to bear a mix of idealism, suspicion, and paranoia, and do what is right for the actual people who use the Internet.

Stacey Higginbotham: AT&T’s GigaPower plans turn privacy into a luxury that few would choose

BOB HOFFMAN: Ad Industry Is The Web's Lapdog

frederic: Privacy evaluation: what empirical research on users’ valuation of personal data tells us Most of the consumers whose privacy was fully protected did not considered $2 as a price high enough to sell their future purchasing data, while nine out of ten of the not protected individuals estimated $2 as a too high price to buy protection for future purchase data.The results of the experiment therefore suggest that when consumers feel that their privacy is protected, they might value it much more than when they feel their data has already been, or may be, revealed.

Neal Ungerleider: On The Russian Black Market, Prices Are Dropping For Your Personal Data

Adam Tanner: For Sale: Lists Of Men Who Take Viagra

MediaPost | Online Media Daily: FTC Says Web Sites Should Inform Consumers About Data Brokers, Allow Opt-Outs

BOB HOFFMAN: The Soon-To-Be-Legendary 45-Day Cheese Tweet (via Ad Aged)

VINDU GOEL: California Urges Websites to Disclose Online Tracking

David Ulevitch, Founder/CEO of OpenDNS: No more ads There’s also the elephant in the room: ads and security don’t mix. It’s clear to us that they are fundamentally incompatible. Text ads and banners alike, they’re all vectors for the spread of malware. We’re a security company first, trusted and relied on by Fortune 100 organizations to protect their people, data and networks. Anything that weakens our security offering by introducing vulnerabilities is a conflict. As we’ve become more and more of a security company, it was clear ads couldn’t stay.

Kate Crawford: The Anxieties of Big Data (via Freedom to Tinker) In other words, they use the concept of normcore to gesture toward something much more ambiguous and interesting. I think it captures precisely this moment of mass surveillance meeting mass consumerism. It reflects the dispersed anxiety of a populace that wishes nothing more than to shed its own subjectivity.

Reid: Bot traffic is not just a nuisance: Major brands are wasting more than half their budget

Alex Kantrowitz: Here's How Bots Scam Advertisers By Pretending to Be Human

kb: Find and kick Google Glass users off of a network (via prosthetic knowledge)

Dan Goodin: They’re ba-ack: Browser-sniffing ghosts return to haunt Chrome, IE, Firefox (via

Esther Dyson: The Private Sector’s Privacy Puzzle

Elizabeth Smythe: Online ads 'accepted as a feature of free content delivery', survey finds

Aaron Parecki / Articles: iOS 8 Wi-Fi Changes - A Privacy Win? Or iBeacon Lock-in?

CloudClinc: The Baycloud Privacy and Data Protection Blog: Is the Dutch DPA investigation of YD the beginning of the end for "AdChoices”?

jjerome: Interest Based Ads and More Transparency

AdExchanger: Fraud And Programmatic RTB: Perverse Incentives Breaking News: Microsoft Promises Not to Scan Accounts for Targeted Ads

Ars Staff: Why online tracking is getting creepier

Kashmir Hill: Facebook Will Use Your Browsing and Apps History For Ads (Despite Saying It Wouldn’t 3 Years Ago)

Derek Thompson: A Dangerous Question: Does Internet Advertising Work at All?

(Still here? You did read that John Broughton essay, Disintermediation and the curious case of digital marketing – revisited, right?)