Don Marti

Tue 28 Mar 2006 11:04:46 PM PST

THAT Brian Connolly?

(updated: thought of another reason, the press list. Updated again: added link.)

Mike Krempasky wonders if the person behind Strumpette is really Brian Connolly of literatigroup dot com.

I talked to Brian Connolly on the phone when he threatened to sue some free software users over a copyright beef between himself and a contractor, and Connolly is not Strumpette.

(1) anyone who does that kind of clumsy legal threat without thinking it through is unlikely to have had any experience of the PR profession.

(2) even if the person did go with the clumsy legal threat, anyone with real PR experience would have a list of good media people to pitch about it, and wouldn't have had to borrow Blake Stowell's list.

Connolly is too clueless about PR to be Strumpette himself.

(via Doc)

Robert French talked to Brian Connolly too.