Don Marti

Mon 25 Jun 2012 08:13:55 AM PDT

Science FAIL

Again with the hand-wringing over the fact that the social, SEO, and publicity power of alternative medicine is kicking Science's behind: Dr. Google and Mr. Hyde by David Gorski.

This makes zero sense. If Science matters, why are scientists sending important research to locked-down proprietary journals? The only information that the general public is going to get from that is, "I'm running a large scary organization, and I'm trying to do something evil to you in a sneaky way."

Prof. Peter Coles says it best: Open access will be crucial to maintain public confidence in science.

Stuart Shieber at Harvard (which has journal access problems of its own) has a helpful list: Editorial board members: What to ask of your journal

Common objections to Open Access answered: Persistent myths about open access scientific publishing by Dr. Mike Taylor.

Or what the hell, we could all just skip the Scientific literature and read some dude's blog about taking drugs to get smarter, or watch Science go the way of Art.

Bonus links: Open access is the future of academic publishing, says Finch report

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Science and Scientism by Paul Feyerabend

Notes on Douglas W. Allen's The Institutional Revolution from Jeff Jarvis: The (continuing) institutional revolution