Don Marti

Wed 03 Aug 2005 06:07:48 PM PDT


(updated 3 Aug 2005)

Just do a Google search for the word here and, through the magic of PageRank, you'll find The Canonical List of Bad Webmasters' Favorite Things.

If people who don't understand the "Don't use 'click here' as link text" rule are recommending something, it must be a bad thing.

Here's the top 10 list as of today.

  1. WinZip

  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer

  3. Microsoft Windows Media Player

  4. Netscape Browser

  5. MapQuest

  6. Apple QuickTime

  7. Macromedia Flash

  8. Rhapsody and RealPlayer

  9. Adobe Acrobat Reader

  10. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Yeeeech! Double yeeech on Adobe.