Don Marti

Thu 04 Nov 2010 09:56:23 AM PDT

More reasons I can't change browsers

Via Jeff Potts, another extension for F-----x: Tamper Data by Adam Judson. This pops up a separate window to watch and modify HTTP headers and POST parameters. Very useful for debugging site-to-site integration.

Rest of the list:

Adblock Plus (but with my own local list of problem sites—blocking the T-shirt ads on webcomics sites is like kicking a puppy.)

Copy as HTML Link: Select some text on a page, right-click and select "Copy as HTML Link," and the clipboard now has a proper HTML "a" element pointing to the page you're on with the text you selected as anchor text. Can't blog without this.

Flashblock: Only allow this privacy problem from sites you approve.

Web Developer: see huge amounts of info about a page, change cookies and CSS on the fly, whatever.

Firebug of course. Overlaps with Tamper Data and Web Developer Extension, but usually the quickest to use, and all three do things that neither of the others does.


This went from lark to v. hard to live without in about three days. One of several plug-ins packaged for Debian. I ran across it during my most recent install.

Features: bindings and semantics of vim (including modality), in a browser context. Assuming you're a vim user already, you'll be up to speed very quickly.

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