Don Marti

Sun 17 Apr 2005 08:33:53 PM PDT

Block MSIE?

Stephen Thorne is blocking Microsoft Internet Explorer from his web site.

But why bother? On personal sites, why not just write standard HTML that validates, and let the browsers keep up?

There's a whole new HTML out there. But when you go to the CSS-oriented web design sites, you get "this would be really simple and cool if we didn't have to pull lame 90s browser compatibilty stunts out of /dev/ass just to work with a certain proprietary browser". Two examples are PNG transparency and "rollover" images without JavaScript

I've decided just to stop reading HTML articles when they get to "OK, that's the simple way, and here's the way that works with MSIE". I'll do the simple way and be done with it.

That goes for Netscape 4.x too.