Don Marti

Fri 14 Aug 2009 06:00:52 PM PDT

Blog reactions to OSW

Tired today, mostly relaxed and went to "District 9" (see it) but had to see what the people on the dang ol' Internet are saying about OpenSource World (formerly LinuxWorld.) Tarus Balog reports on 2009 OpenSource World – Day 1 and 2009 OpenSource World – Day 2. (He's counting the community event day, Tuesday the 11th, as day 1). Good experience at the Drizzle talk, but mixed overall.

Thomas Goepel is a Debra Bowen fan: After the disappointing start in the morning, the sessions are getting better...

Richard Munden is another. "We actually do have someone intelligent in Sacramento."

Daniel Parrillo says the job fair and show floor were sad and dismal. Nothing about the talks, though.

Gavin Clarke and Tim Stevens both covered Todd Finch from Dell, who said that returns on Linux and Microsoft netbooks are about the same. (AFAIK the main pop in returns was with underpowered machines that barely meet the hardware requirements for Windows Vista Home Basic.)

And finally, Stormy Peters got a bunch of comments on The Desktop or the Browser: Is the Netbook Escalating the Battle?