Don Marti

Tue 16 Dec 2008 01:13:44 PM PST

synergy and ssh

The FAQ answer on using synergy with ssh tells you to start a tunnel from the client to the server.

But I run the server on a laptop with a good keyboard, and I don't want to run sshd there. (I don't mind having a locked-down sshd on the desktop machine.)

So now I start the server with:

synergys -a

on the laptop, then ssh to the desktop to start the client:

 ssh -R 24800:localhost:24800 \
 $DESKTOP synergyc -f localhost

So that's one ssh connection to do the port forward and start the client. (Yes, this is going in a script that will start the synergy connection when I plug into the office network, and stop the server when the connection goes away.)