Don Marti

Thu 24 Nov 2005 07:40:41 PM PST

Photos for the future

Doc, it could be a good idea to shoot photos of all those wires in the walls before the Sheetrock® goes up. I wish I had some inside-the-walls photos of where everything is in this place.

I have the same problem of lack of ventilation in the server closet. If I were having a custom house built, all machinery would live in the server closet, and I'd just run VGA and USB to the office—no noisy computer in the office for me.

Bill Pollock showed me a handy Buffalo file server box that might be good for central media storage. Don't know if there's a way to manage it without the proprietary-OS-only management utility, but if you could solve that problem, I bet with a couple scripts you could podcast off of it.