Don Marti

Mon 06 Apr 2009 03:05:44 PM PDT

simple music player

hemp: the HEadless Music Player. Save pixels and don't make the user play music librarian. Sort of a middle ground between a full-featured player and a simple command-line one. Like the command-line player, it's simple, but like the fancy player it uses D-Bus to play only one song at a time which is usually what you want. And did you ever notice the Pause key on the keyboard? This makes it easy to bind it to actually do something.

It uses GStreamer, so whatever plugins you have installed, that's what it will play. It's PowerTOP-friendly thanks to GMainLoop being PowerTOP-friendly. The fsync() stuff is probably all wrong though.

So far this does not have a "configure" script, and I haven't tested the "make install" target for non-deb installs. It's easier for me just to run debuild. Of course, packaging meta-info for other deployment methods welcome.

(If you want a completely dork-o-matic music listening toolset, see also venuspod: script for grabbing enclosures from a Venus cache. 100% guaranteed not to make people post to Twitter about or line up around the block for.)