Don Marti

Sat 18 Dec 2010 05:52:38 PM PST

Fun with Android

(updated 28 Dec 2010: added RealCalc)

Just got an Android phone. Stuff on it so far:

ConnectBot: ssh client with port forwarding and other useful features.

Tricorder uses real sensor data. "you may be surprised at how many sensors your phone has. Currently it can display acceleration; the local magnetic field; an analysis of the local acoustic environment; your location from various providers; the availability and strength of cellular and WiFi signals; and the current state of the Sun and solar wind, including current pictures of the Sun."

ZXing barcode scanner, and Quick Settings config tool (with bonus flashlight.)

Shuffle is a very clean, nifty project/task manager, GTD style. Still trying this out.

Google Listen is pretty good, but considering trying other podcast clients.

Finally, RealCalc: nice scientific calculator with RPN mode.

(Greetz to Sacha, also getting started with a new Android phone. Also: List of open source Android applications.)

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Thanks to the pointer to the sensor app! =) I'll try that out. - Sacha
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