Don Marti

Thu 18 Feb 2010 09:42:28 AM PST

MLP: webkit is your friend

Off to SCALE tomorrow and still getting some slides together for the Git panel. I wanted to include some screenshots of ikiwiki-powered web sites, and this came in surprisingly handy: wkthumb. Wrapper script: thumbnailer. (example).

Did I mention: Hey, kids! ☞ Git Panel ☜

More random links piling up to get that cleaned out before SCALE:

Things You Really Need to Learn by Stephen Downes

GIF 2.0? Christopher Blizzard explains the HTML5 video problem.

Chicken heaven must be a crowded place.

Hey Japanese Whaler Dudes, Stop Your Pathetic Whining (via ElementalMom) founder Bo Peabody: Facebook And Twitter Will Always Be Crappy Businesses. (Not convinced? Cory Doctorow explains further.)