Don Marti

Sun 02 Apr 2006 03:11:24 AM PDT

Ticker tags, real estate, stay anonymous

Semantic Web meets Corporate Accountability: Rebecca MacKinnon has some good advice on sticking the ticker symbol for the company you're discussing into a blog entry.

Google Maps-based RealEstate ABC is the new—if you happen to be watching the proxy logs, and everyone at work is reloading this site every five minutes, that's the bubble telling you to SELL. (via Michael Arrington on Techcrunch.)

What is it about leading-digit company names that reminds me of email addresses?

Trade imbalance department: Hugo Chavez hosts nationwide Linux installfest. (In retaliation, the USA is developing an inexpensive, reliable, locally-produced replacement for Venezuelan oil. Right?)

Don't people do their assigned reading on how to stay anonymous online any more? A little caution in this area and all the PR people wouldn't be having to get back to work.