Don Marti

Sun 20 May 2012 08:38:15 AM PDT

MLP: Sunday essays

For your Sunday afternoon reading, some recent thought-provoking articles.

Zócalo Public Square: Sprawling Is For Poor People. Affluent Americans are moving to city centers, with the rest ending up in the suburbs.

Washington's Blog: Lack of Trust – Caused by Institutional Corruption – Is Killing the Economy If the occupiers don't trust the gold bugs, and nobody trusts the banks or the government, can we get any work done?

Kari Hamerschlag: Subsidy Buffet for Agribiz, Table Scraps for Good Food. Speaking of not trusting the government...

Philosopher's Beard: Recovering Adam Smith's ethical economics. "Smith’s commitment to a realistic liberalism led him to endorse commercial society over any previous socio-economic system as a social order in which the most people possible could live decent lives. But he was not the blind zealot for the market he is now portrayed as."

Timothy B. Lee: There’s No Such Thing As Intervention-Free Infrastructure Policy. Is it more intrusive for the government to require net neutrality on an existing fiber optic cable, or to use eminent domain to let a competitor dig up your lawn?

Tim Devaney and Tom Stein: "Will Crowdfunding Crowd Out Venture Capital?" If crowdfunding catches on, who needs VC? After all, if every American invested 1% of liquid net worth in crowdfunding, that would be $300 billion, ten times the size of the venture sector.