Don Marti

Sun 19 Aug 2012 07:30:43 AM PDT

Sunday morning links: a little less mindless

(Got the mindless link propagation generator to start putting in "via" links a lot of the time, so join the content curation conversation and stuff.)

Valerie Aurora: Yes, brogrammer culture is pervasive (there's certainly a weird dynamic in the industry where a lot of the jobs that require you to be nice to other people are held by women: event staff, PR, and so on, and a lot of the "elite" <blink>ninja rock star</blink> jobs are held by men.)

They don't make patriotic art like this any more. But if I got this painted on the side of a van, would people even get it? America Guided by Wisdom: A Neoclassical Allegory of American Exceptionalism

Nicholas Carr makes a good point about copying, and what to call it: Beyond theft and sharing. Read the whole thing.

Judge Richard Posner: Why There Are Too Many Patents in America (via Disruptive Competition Project)

David Maynor on the 0-day market: Who will fight for me? (In the long run, the existence of this market is great news for software QA staff. Companies will have to keep QA people happy, or disgruntled ones will sell their findings elsewhere. I always picture these transations as happening in the back of a William Gibson dive bar for some reason.)

Speaking of transactions... Bitcoin, the Darknet Economy, and the Low Over-Head Revolution (via SiliconANGLE and Center for a Stateless Society)

Making the rounds, so you've probably seen it. Khan Academy is Redefining the Introduction to Computer Science.

Local and worth checking out, even though I have Thinkpad power supplies like most people have cockroaches: Removing Barriers for Linux Hardware

Economics of crowdfunding: Producers Weigh In On Kickstarter Recording Budgets

Seth Godin says, Corporations are not people (via Dave Winer). (One of the rare things that Charles Stross is wrong about. There is no Homo economicus, either.)