Don Marti

Thu 24 Nov 2005 01:19:55 AM PST

DRM goes Mainstream, fun web sites

The abbreviation "DRM" makes its first appearance on the comics page. (via Boing Boing.) Make and Linux Journal should sign Jason Fox (c.o. Bill Amend) up for free subscriptions—he's the best example of the proto-hacker, freedom-loving kid point of view working in the Mainstream Media today.

Matthew Skala writes, "This was an especially intolerable form of DRM, but any DRM is intolerable; we, as users, should not tolerate DRM, period." (via Seth. Bonus link: DRM Core War!)

Thanks to Sony, the expression "DRM-infected" is finally hitting the mainstream media and the web.

Ever notice how when you say Sony with the italics, it's a good thing, and without the italics, it's a bad thing? (OK, "cite" tags.)

Technorati is working responsively, spam or no spam. So, in the immortal words of web developers everywhere, "Go ahead and hit reload."

Having fun with StumbleUpon. Good page on writing for the web: Jakob Nielsen says: "promotional language imposes a cognitive burden on users". Say what you mean to say, don't write innovative prose-based solutions for the enterprise.