Don Marti

Wed 29 May 2013 06:56:48 AM PDT

Software development links, again

Making the rounds...

Git branch / merge: not as easy as advertised

Cray-zy progress! We have boot!

3 things I set on new servers | Simon Holywell - Web developer in Brighton

Components Becoming Major Source Of CVEs (via Wild Webmink)

A short introduction to TPMs (via a technology job is no excuse)

git? tig! (via Hacker News Daily)

coolwanglu/pdf2htmlEX · GitHub (via One Thing Well)

HTTP as Imagined versus HTTP as Found

A Saudi Arabia Telecom's Surveillance Pitch (via Center for Democracy & Technology)

Git prompt: Tell me more

The Go Programming Language Blog: Go 1.1 is released (via and The Promised Planet)

Why Go? (via latest front page)

PostgreSQL New Development Priorities: Scale It Now

Your Jabber ID as your Persona identity

Alternatives To Git Submodule: Git Subtree

Volatile and Decentralized: What I wish systems researchers would work on (via Journal of a Programmer)

What Is Persona?

Francois Marier: Three wrappers to run commands without impacting the rest of the system

pybit 1.0.0 - distributed, scalable builds direct from VCS or archives

Always define the language and the direction of your HTML documents, part 02: Backwards English

Prefetching resources to prime the browser cache for the next page

Linux System Programming, 2ed (via Techrights)

Adobe Typekit improves the Rosario typeface family

New Security Feature in Fedora 19 Part 3: Hard Link/Soft Link Protection (via Techrights)

Elevator pitch for Haskell short enough for an elevator ride

Meet the cloud that will keep you warm at night (via Advogato blog for pedro)

Vermont Is Mad as Hell at Patent Trolls and Is Not Going to Take It Anymore (via

Improving the security of your SSH private key files — Martin Kleppmann’s blog (via Hacker News Daily)

About NixOS (via Hacker News Daily)

Don’t abandon XMPP, your loyal communications friend

Stop Using Arial & Helvetica (via daniel g. siegel)

Creating Shazam in Java | Redcode (via latest front page)

Deploying a Web app in 14 days, No HTML.