Don Marti

Fri 10 Mar 2006 11:48:15 PM PST

MLP: Social software, journalism and advertising, trackbacks gives you a ticket to the ASP market. Easy. (I still want to see a prediction market for sales forecasts that's integrated with the CRM system.)

In other social software news, Clay Shirky and others have a new Wiki for strategies of online community wrangling. I put up a page for linux-elitists.

Nicholas Carr on pay-per-click advertising and journalism: "Making money in a pay-by-the-click world means publishing content that (1) attracts ads that pay a lot for clickthroughs and (2) attracts readers who are likely to click on those ads. Investigative journalism is about as far from that kind of content as you could possibly get."

Mike Abundo links to my piece on social software vs. slideware with an actual example of a slideware-using organization. Really!

And Larry Borsato says the difference between the speed of corporate development and peer production is most of all that corporate developers generally don't have a vested interest in the project; it's just a job to them. I agree that projects go better when the developers are users, or work directly with users, but there are plenty of peer production projects that burn out, and there are "driven", gung-ho corporate development organizations.

Nice AJAXitude in a web survey: Are you working for a bozoified company?