Don Marti

Mon 13 Mar 2006 01:04:46 AM PST

Social bookmarking service cleanout

Tried a social bookmarking service that might be nice, but isn't for me, so I'm cleaning out "my" pages on it.

Simon Phipps on DRM and the Death of a Culture

Conference news: Waterfall 2006. (This explains a lot.)

Jeneane Sessum says "Bye Bye Big PR." Yes, you can hire an an independent PR person or small agency with a real understanding of what the publications in your industry are looking for and pay the same that a big agency will charge you for BFNB pitches.

Hey kids! Free Coroplast®! Only printed once! (Yes, signs posted on public property without permission are yours to clean up like any other litter. And yes, much of the vertical litter you see around the Bay Area is this groovy, durable, but lightweight and easy-to-cut material. Grab a sign for a work-from-home or real estate scam and try it.)

Greg K-H has been uploading some driver-writing articles to, and recommending, the kernelnewbies site.

Being a pain in the ass about your rights beats the other extreme.