Don Marti

Mon 27 Feb 2006 08:45:08 PM PST

MLP: school, servers, dogfood

Full text of John Taylor Gatto's The Underground History of American Education is on the web.

Busted for hacking .... (in a bad way).

Linux servers generated $1.6 billion in quarterly revenue, the fourteenth consecutive quarter of double-digit growth, according to IDC. I should get the full report and see how unit shipments and revenues compare. Or not, if the server industry is doomed anyway.

One fewer reason to deal with Macromedia Flash: it's now easier and more featureful to do your software demo as a virtual appliance anyway.

Joel Spolsky on dogfood mail clients: "A lot of us thought that if we had to use the product, we would have to make it better, if only to stop our own pain. The president was very insistent that we show popup ads at six different points in time, until he got home and got six popup ads...."