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Sat 30 Jun 2012 08:54:12 AM PDT

Here, Googlebot, have some links

(A bunch of articles that deserve a link, to feed the machines that help us find good stuff to read. Doing my part for semi-automated link propagation.)

Frequently Asked Questions About Filing for Temporal Bankruptcy by Curtis Edmonds

FBI: Smart Meter Hacks Likely to Spread

Open source is interoperable with smarter government at the CFPB

We Are Winning: How Pirate Parties Are Changing The World

Where's the Viewport Size Data?

Two Cheers for the JOBS Act

An Event Apart: Big Type Little Type

Simon Wardley on open source product strategy: Be Wary of Geeks Bearing Gifts

Mobile first frenzy: Why Jakob Nielsen Is Wrong About Mobile Websites Mobile Isn't the Lite Version Why We Shouldn’t Make Separate Mobile Websites

Save the Cato Institute, Save the World? - By Justin Logan

Collective Idea acquires Harmony from GitHub

Our take on Derby vs. Meteor

Property is Theft


Hyperaddictive stupid games.

Tech, Not Toys

Warren Ellis has guests: GUEST INFORMANT: Laurie Penny GUEST INFORMANT: Anonymous

Don’t Leave All the PR Work To Colombian Prostitutes

Why 500px Plus Has Photographers Fired Up

Why did MPAA exec join Internet Society?

Do Jubilee shares make any sense?

Rackspace Eats Its Own Dog Food With OpenStack

The Frand Wars: Who’s on First?

The Case for Crowdfunding

Working too Much is Stupid

The Prisoner’s Dilemma and the Folly of Keeping Technology Adoption Secret

‘Re-Platforming’ The Workplace: Welcome To Next-Gen IT

The Prison Labor Complex

Reports Reveal Two New Scandals in the Pepper-Spraying at UC Davis

Hardware Over People at the Pentagon (Again)

Review of “Version Control with Git” by Jon Loeliger

Programming fonts: proportional vs monospaced

Arctic Cable Could Cut Net Latency, Boost Profits

Court Won't Reinstate Suspended Sheriff

NYT Digital Lessons

The Future of Manufacturing is going all digital

Remember what happened after the Alamo: 18 Minutes On a Day in April

AT&T wields enormous power in Sacramento

Vast Mexico Bribery Case Hushed Up by Wal-Mart After Top-Level Struggle

Bullying the Nuns

Leave Your Cellphone at Home

Stop Shouting. Start Teaching.

A Closer Look At Font Rendering

Robert O'Callahan: Korea

University of Florida CISE: Now More Than Ever

Fuzzing for Security

Norway: Terrorism Fought With Song, Not Surveillance

Should Libertarians Chide Warren Buffett for Not Sending the Government Money?

David L. Schwartz: Prospectivity and Retroactivity in Patent Law

Matthew Garrett: Anatomy of a Fedora 17 ISO image

sigrok - cross-platform, open-source logic analyzer software with protocol decoder support

Interview: Libre Office is taking off 'like a rocket'

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble settle patent dispute; create new subsidiary

The Wal-Mart mess: Everybody does it (and we don’t mean bribery)

Lennart Poettering: The Most Awesome, Least-Advertised Fedora 17 Feature

Software industry reclaims open standards debate

Backroom Heroes – Are You One ?

Jim Gettys: Bufferbloat goings on…

Bliki: TestPyramid

Why the death of DRM would be good news

Debacle in Beijing

Bram Cohen: Engineering IP Telephony

Open Source Business: How to Support A Family of 5 By Running An Open Source Project

Asa Dotzler: The Firefox Roadmap: A Look at the Q1 and Q2, 2012 Goals

Charles Stross: The death of genre

Bram Cohen: TCP Sucks

Aaron Siego: new printer

My day doing everything the internet told me to

Fundamental Progress Solving Bufferbloat

Bitcoin Funded Debit Cards

Jeff Atwood: Please Don't Learn to Code

Robert Alsina: Hack English Instead

Jim Gettys: The Next Nightmare is Coming


Zero-Permission Android Applications part 2

Say No to Faux Bold

A Hippocratic Oath For Software Engineers?

U.S. Law Professors Cast Further Doubt on ACTA's Constitutionality - State Department Confirms No ACTA Pre-Review

How to write low garbage real-time Javascript

The Community Organizing Geeks Who Could Revolutionize Campaign Tech

IBM's Symphony code contribution

Move things with your mind: BrainGate robotic arm is controlled by brain waves

Three Days Before Elections, Largest German State Censors Pirate Party From The Net

Too hot for jobs


How to choose an Authenticated Encryption mode

Musings on the linux audio stack

Half the Battle Against DRM

See No Evil

Matthew Garrett: I've been a terrible person (and so have most of you)

US petition could tip the scales in favour of open access publishing | Dr Mike Taylor

A Glimpse Inside Google’s Data Centers

Jim Gettys: A Milestone Reached: CoDel is in Linux!

The Ada Initiative granted tax-exempt status in the U.S.

Supreme Court to Federal Circuit: Fix Ultramerical Decision

NTK, Fifteen Years On

BootlegMIC – A kick in the boot for your phone!

Can Private Equity Firms Like Bain Do Whatever They Want With the Companies They Buy?

Resilient Fitness: A Killer App for a Successful Life

Maybe it’s time to rethink how we fund broadband

Crowdfunding via customers is the new startup capital

Scott Adams: The Digital Crossover

Conservancy's Coordinate Compliance Efforts

Jonathan Coulton theme song to the new John Scalzi book: Redshirt

5 Predictions for the Future of Work and Happiness


VMDK Has Left the Building – Follow Up

Ron Paul Roundup: Paulites Cement Control in Nevada, More on Progress in Minnesota, Fed Audit Bill Up for Vote, and More

Senator Wyden Demands Access to Text of Secret International Agreements Regulating the Internet

Matthew Garrett: Implementing UEFI Secure Boot in Fedora

EP Committees Reject ACTA As Backlash Against Secretive IP Agreements Continues to Grow

Sweep the Sleaze: Critique

How Our Government Incentivizes the Overproduction of Junk Food

Ethiopia Introduces Deep Packet Inspection

SEO Isn't Magic - So Stop Doing SEO Tricks

Steven M. Bellovin on cyber warfare: Flame On!

Bruce Schneier: The Vulnerabilities Market and the Future of Security

What Is the Point of: Klout?

Critical vulnerability derails Ruby on Rails

Did Hollywood Not Use Available DMCA Tools Just To Pretend It Needed SOPA?

Open Goldberg Variations: free, open source recording and modern score of classical masterpiece

tl;dw: Stop mocking, start testing

Thoughts on Games

Unemployment Is Up. Why Is It So Hard to Find the Right Hires?

Hog Wild: Hunting Boars With Congress' Most Conservative Member

25,000 signatures and still rolling: Implications of the White House petition

Animated solution to the "Never gonna give you up" program problem

‘People, not books, died in the fire’

Seth Godin on not feeding the trolls, even on the inside: The Milgram extension

Why we don’t need the government to protect us from online tracking

Facebook open sources internal C++ library

Mitt Romney’s inflated fearmongering

Small-Scale Slaughterhouses Aim To Put The 'Local' Back In Local Meat

Planting Entrepreneurial Innovation in Inner Cities

Maybe We’d Behave Better With Horrible Winters

Tor Books Announces E-book Store: Doctorow, Scalzi & Stross Talk DRM-Free

Death of the Queen's English Society

Netflix announces Open Connect CDN

The High Cost of 'Too Big to Behave' Banks

Obama’s and Brennan’s “Kill List”

Building Abundant Ponds, Chinese Wheelbarrows, and DiY Algae Reactors

The Great Wall of . . . Arizona (Miller)

The Problem With Public Sector Unions—and How to Fix It

Bringing the Battlefield to the Border

Australian Pirate Party Sets Course for Parliament

ObamaCare on Trial

25 Reasons This Is The Best Time To Be A Storyteller

CentOS Project Release Times

A Case for Responsive Résumés

Thomas Hodgskin: Libertarian Extraordinaire, Part 3

The Silencing of Maya

Conditional-tier rendering; The battle of Server + innerHTML vs. JS MVC + JSON

The Coming Age of the Context Engine

A New Privacy, Pt. 2: Disclosure (Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t)

Rich Bodo on job ads: Rock genre terminology considered asinine

Review of "The Little Book Of Semaphores" by Allen B. Downey

Jonathan Coulton on the ethics of copying: Emily and David

The Linux Graphics Stack

John Regehr celebrates a powerful testing tool, jsfunfuzz: 1500+ Bugs from One Fuzzer

Why Bad Jobs-or No Jobs-Happen to Good Workers

Spark update: responsive layouts in Drupal

Because Everyone (Still) Needs a Router

The First Draft of History – Will Be Vaporized

How to Bounce Back from Increasingly Extreme Weather Events

Optical Theremin – Demo

Freedom of Speech and Information Produced Using Computer Algorithms

Joey Hess: trying obnam

In Defense of Free Music: A Generational, Ethical High Road Over the Industry’s Corruption and Exploitation

The Guide to Developing a Content Strategy for "Boring" Industries

The Navy and a Sanctioned Class Divide

Gabriella Coleman: Helping Hackers Infiltrate Academia

The Developers Guide to PCI Compliant Web applications

Lennart Poettering: systemd for Administrators, Part XV

Pantheon Raises $5M Series A From Foundry

H & Ahem: Cheap clothing hurts the planet, the economy, and your style

Wellcome Trust to penalise scientists who don't embrace open access

Jamie and Jeff’s Birth Plan by Paul William Davies

Take That Crowdfunding Cynics! Rally Raises Largest AngelList Deal Ever

Why Don’t Americans Take More Vacations? Blame It on Independence Day