Don Marti

Thu 31 May 2012 07:16:34 AM PDT

RSS is dead? Really?

RSS is not a "hot" idea, and nobody with a short attention span would give you money to work on it, but here are some assorted articles that I wouldn't have read or linked to without it.

Bonus: since RSS is not really a mass medium, you can easily offer a full feed without worrying about undermining your traffic.

(I guess that RSS could also be a way to break through the bubble of social groupthink. I don't know how many of the people I'm connected to on social sites would have forwarded this stuff.)

Rick Santorum, Higher Education, and the Jacksonian Politics of Liberty and Respect

Peak eggs: Hubbert and the Easter Bunny

Resurfacing urban areas to offset 150 billion tons of carbon dioxide

New climate strategy: Buy the damn coal and keep it in the ground

Why Inflation Isn’t A Moral Issue


Ditching Wall Street For A Local Stock Exchange

Height of Folly: Why Housing in Washington, D.C., Is So Awful

The Greatest Business Risk You Don’t Know About – Your Business Will Be Sued Over Patents

39 Ways to Limit Free Speech

Why I boycott SWSX and urge you do to the same

Toby Barnes Field Notes: Social influencer is a Myth

RSS will never die

Resumes are dangerous

Designing and making for a user-base of one

The Constitutional Crimes of Barack Obama

Housework in Utopia

Breivik is a freak, not a real news story

Rediscovering Literacy

Amanda Palmer, Kickstarter, and Everything

Applying Macrotypography For A More Readable Web Page

The Nerd Parent's Guide: When and how to introduce your kids to Star Wars

A Monstrous Proposal

Five Churchillian tips for writing like a leader

An alternative approach (to financing innovation)

Still Standing Amid the Wreckage

Exploited Writers in an Unfair Industry

We are in the Age of Personal Responsibility

The Pernicious Myth That Slideshows Drive 'Traffic'

Secure Your Domain - Where Is Safe to Register a Domain Name?

Make More Time by Scheduling Your Media

Engineering Infrastructures For Humans

Islam and Politics (large and small, near and far)

Free speech and securities regulation

Workers of the world, level up!

To Profile or Not to Profile?

War Games Are Fake

Our half-conscious assumptions about parking

How to talk conservative

An Introduction to Rent Seeking

Instagram and the Reproduction of Digital Inequality