Don Marti

Mon 12 Sep 2005 08:15:45 PM PDT

Phones, phones, Ubuntu

Brian Aker wonders, "I wonder if Palm is aware that Cingular is lying about their phones?" (I don't know about anybody else, but I'd rather have a fairly priced fully working phone than a "free" SIM-locked phone.)

More on phones: John Naughton writes, "The real significance of the iPhone is the way it illustrates why companies find it hard to innovate. The difficulty stems from a simple, unpalatable fact - namely that radical innovation generally threatens your existing business model. Or, in MBA-speak, it cannibalises your core business. The iPhone is considerably less than the sum of its parts for one reason: it was designed by a company that has become a prisoner of its previous success at innovation." (via Ed Felten)

Yay, Ubuntu on the HP NX6110 notebook! Not in the USA though.