Don Marti

Sat 03 Jun 2006 04:06:27 AM PDT

MLP: OLPC, Whatever Engine Optimization

Ethan Zuckerman visits Walter Bender and Jim Gettys, and files a detailed update on OLPC. (It's orange for a reason. And the bunny ears are there for a reason.)

Evan Prodromou goes beyond "SEO" to general pointers for making your site WebSoftwareFriendly to crawlers, agents, bots, aggregators, syndicators, and all those other nifty things that read the web but aren't browsers. Remember, people, RSS isn't just for blogs. Reuven Lerner covered how to add RSS to web apps in Linux Journal a couple years ago. (Doc Searls points out the difference between the regular Web and the Live Web—but Google Sitemaps actually reads RSS and Atom files as well as its own format. Picture "live"ness as a slider, not a radio button.)