Don Marti

Mon 12 Oct 2009 09:45:04 AM PDT

MLP: conferences, negotiating, Nerf at the office

Tom Limoncelli: Conference Planning Tips

One bright side to budget cuts at universities. Everything gets looked at, even relationships with parasitic publishing companies that use faculty work without compensation. 5 major American universities commit to support OA journals

Ashlee Vance at the New York Times: Times Web Ads Show Security Breach. "But it now appears that the ad was approved by the site’s advertising operations team...." (Better play it safe.

Brendan Scott covers the negotiating value of Linux in Netbooks, Microsoft, a Turning Point. "In 2007-08 ASUS appears to have achieved what no other computer manufacturer has managed to do in perhaps over 20 years—it dictated the terms of supply of Microsoft’s products, both in terms of price and availability (XP’s sales availability was either ended or imminently to end)."

If a bank is too big to fail, it's too big for lobbying and offshoring shenanigans: how to regulate “Systemically Dangerous Institutions” by Prof. William K. Black.

Nerf weapons in the workplace are only the beginning. Cubicle Jungle by Anonymous.

Technology sales advice from Jan Ryan: "In early stage sales, there’s always someone who wants to look good in the company. Find the maverick in your sale that wants a personal win. Study what his win will be, and shape your strategy around it. Help him succeed, and you will too."

GitTogether '09, October 26-28 at Google in Mountain View.

Nelson Minar suggests Webapps with static HTML, dynamic data. (Could be a big hammer for dealing with those pesky NoScript and AdBlock Plus users: make sure the ads and tracking are alive and kicking before sending the content.)