Don Marti

Sun 08 Jul 2012 07:19:13 AM PDT

Sunday morning good reads

Aaron Bialick: SF: Transbay Transit Center to Fill Downtown With People, Not Cars "The new Transbay Transit Center is expected to transform San Francisco’s downtown core by focusing new development around a massive regional transit hub in eastern SoMa."

Headline Snapshots: Supreme Court Health Care Decision How headline writers and web designers saw it.

Raw deal: Maine residents’ fight for unregulated food draws crackdown by David Gumpert at Grist. Eight Maine towns have "passed ordinances that explicitly allow local farmers and ranchers to sell their food — meat, eggs, unpasteurized milk, honey, veggies — directly to consumers within town borders, without state or federal licenses, permits, or regulations.

Scott Adams on an idea for an online system for organizing facts to debate about: Fact Bubbler

Mike Doughty on the economics of tour support for bands: Radiohead wouldn't exist without early major-label funding. The future won't bring new Radioheads. All I want to say here, truly, is: let's get used to it.

How environmentalists win by Bill Scher for Grist: "throughout American history, liberal advancements have been mainly achieved with corporate support, and not without."

How software-defined radio could revolutionize wireless by Timothy B. Lee. "Software-defined radio will make it possible to use the electromagnetic spectrum in fundamentally new ways" and here's a company that's working on it.

Office Buildings Add Cash Crops To Their Balance Sheet by Michael J. Coren at Co.EXIST. Rooftop gardening startup reports breaking even.