Don Marti

Tue 18 Dec 2012 10:49:44 PM PST

More software development links

Not much to say about these other than that they should all have more Google juice. Here, Googlebot! Come on, there you go, that's a good bot.

HTML5-Compatible Blink Tag

Virtual machine used to steal crypto keys from other VM on same server | Ars Technica

Against chrome: a manifesto

Hello Pelican

Fork Your Application's Data (Not Just Your Code)

Joey Hess: git push over XMPP

Content-Centric Networking (CCN) as an alternative to IP

Resurrecting m68k

Bridge support in git for mercurial and bazaar

GitHub’s success and low barriers to entry

Flip Ahead and Fast Forward. Providing hints to detect the next page

Your team should work like an open source project (via Giles Bowkett and Kenneth Reitz)

A First Look at the HTML5 History API

A Guide To Authenticating Users With Mozilla Persona

Advertising andResponsive Web Design


Go at Google: Language Design in the Service of Software Engineering

Recording VoIP calls using pulseaudio and avconv

The Aggregate Magic Algorithms (via Justin Mason's Weblog)

git-coverage: Useful code coverage