Don Marti

Sat 26 May 2012 09:54:16 AM PDT

MLP: mmm, food

Twilight Greenaway interviews Daniel Imhoff: Farm Bill 2012: ‘It’s a mess, but it’s our mess’ Will this huge piece of legislation actually "help people get something to eat, to help farmers get through the season, and to try to help protect the land and the resource base," or will it be corporate welfare as usual?

And are we subsidizing the wrong food? Suzanne Merkelson: This Is Why You’re Fat. Kevin Drum: Forget "Government Spending." The Only Thing That Really Matters is Healthcare.

Sallie James covers putting some light on the ag subsidy situation: Save the EWG Farm Subsidy Database!

Two more unappetizing ones. Alexis Madrigal: The Perfect Milk Machine

Tom Philpott: How the NY Times Got It Wrong on the FDA's New Antibiotics Rules

Enough on subsidized Big Food. How about some tasty stuff? Jesse Hirsch: Crowd-Sourced Financing Feeding Food Businesses

Inspiring food business (and other things) story from Douglas McGray: How The Anti-Gang Homeboy Industries Redeemed An Ex-Con CEO

Warren Ellis feeds his head: The Manfred Macx Media Diet