Don Marti

Sat 06 Nov 2010 10:52:23 AM PDT

MLP: Mice, fun, and of course git

multiple mouse / keyboard in linux looks fun enough to come up with an excuse for making it useful.

Two centralization FAIL links from John Robb: Detroiters May Lose Right to Garden and Financial Warfare and the Failure of US Military Leadership. Damon Vrabel writes, "While the US and other countries are under severe attack by financial powers through the corporate system and the currency and bond markets, the US military is convinced that people living in remote deserts are the threat. So they’re busy killing some of the poorest people in the world while the country is being attacked by the richest."

For next laptop reinstall: VirtualBox -> KVM, Convert Virtualbox vdi to KVM qcow

Guide To The Best Social Networking Platforms And Online Group Services

Jim Stogdill: Points of control = Rents (but how much of the leverage in the "leverage-free wasteland" moves to qualified maintenance programmers? It may be productive to think of software not as one good, but as two complementary goods: the codebase and the maintenance programming.)

Looks fun: SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Arduino

Two good git intro pieces: Starting with Git: Cheat Sheet by Lorna Jane Mitchell and Get Started with Git by Al Shaw. (The examples in the last one are CSS, not C: Git is breaking out of the developer niche and becoming a daily tool for ☞designers☜ too. Bonus link: Linus Torvalds' Greatest Invention by Mark Dominus)

Best Practices of Combining Typefaces by Douglas Bonneville

The future of freelance writing? What It's Like To Write For Demand Media: Low Pay But Lots of Freedom