Don Marti

Thu 13 Apr 2006 12:14:12 AM PDT

Markets, markets, spam, and markets

John Robb covers a small organization that's making a big impact on the global oil market.

Tyler Cowen asks, "Why don't more businesses use prediction markets?"

William Bratton and George Kelling defend the "broken window" theory: enforcing laws against nusiance crimes makes people feel safer, which makes people use public spaces more, which deters crime. So yes, I'm cleaning up the comment spam on here. No, I don't have my 1337 skr1p7z perfect yet. Yes, I'm using nofollow. No, your spam probably won't last long enough to get crawled, but thanks for the testing help anyway. If your comment gets eaten mail me.

Cool Web 2.0-looking prediction market site from my "web stuff to try" list:

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