Don Marti

Tue 21 Oct 2008 10:07:48 PM PDT

MLP: Justin Mason is the new Cory Doctorow

Time to clear some tabs.

There is NOTHING "overplayed" about privacy concerns. (via Justin Mason)

"there’s quite a bit of academic research from around the world showing that individuals out-perform professional investors." -- Chris Dillow

Trinity Rescue Kit: bootable CD to check and fix a Microsoft Windows system. (via Justin Mason again. Justin Mason is the new Cory Doctorow!)

Danny O'Brien checks in with the right-wing blog scene. More: "In a recession, the signal to noise ratio seems greater." And Paul Graham: "Why to Start a Startup in a Bad Economy"

Implementation of the "virtual bus" idea. "where travelers cooperate to make the whole transport system more efficient, saving us all money, wasted time and reducing pollution." It's based on an app for the Apple iPhone. (If they do a version for Android, someone needs to put the Apple and Google fanboys in separate cars.) Probably via Justin Mason.

Old but I missed this the first time...The U.S. Army and Marines are buying 1,000 Linux-based mapping/tracking boxes per week.

Where is Sarah Connor when you need her?

Memo to self: suggest that Laureen should start reading John Robb.

Solid advice on layoffs from Kurt Cagle. (And don't forget the Rands version.)

Jono Bacon fans: Debut Severed Fifth Album Now Available.

Meanwhile, at Questionable Content, Penelope is finally going on a date with Wil the poet.