Don Marti

Tue 10 Jul 2012 06:52:06 AM PDT

Rise of the New American Hipstertarian Consensus

Everybody go subscribe to Timothy B. Lee's blog on (full feed available). Tech policy, zoning laws, politics, good stuff. A few recent items...

Social Distance and the Patent System: "Successful software entrepreneurs are a small fraction of the population, and most likely no judges of the Federal Circuit have close relationships with one. In contrast, every judge on the Federal Circuit knows numerous patent attorneys."

Dense enough to make traffic a mess, but not dense enough to support frequently-running transit: Silicon Valley Is Stuck In An Uncanny Valley Of Density

How Strong Property Rights Promote Social Equality: "People get to veto their neighbors’ land use decisions, and they’ve used that power to effectively prohibit anyone poorer than themselves from living in their neighborhoods."

Common sense on network policy in Adam Thierer, Infrastructure Socialist . "I think there’s less difference than Adam would probably like to admit between policies that force Verizon to 'share' its lines with other utility companies and policies that force Adam to 'share' his front yard with utility companies."

Corporations are groups of people with meetings and politics, not individuals of species Homo economicus. (Why this has to be news is another story) Seeing Like a Cable Company

Free the apartment builders! Are Growth Boundaries Responsible For High Housing Costs?

Arrr! Me gold! The Myth Of The Free-Market Gold Standard