Don Marti

Sun 01 Sep 2013 04:22:35 PM PDT

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day. Have some work and employment links. Or not, considering that they're about jobs and stuff.

The Endangered Repairman

The Google Question: Is The Hacker Ethic Compatible With A "For Profit" Company?

Gervais / MacLeod 4: a world without Losers? (part of a great series by Michael O. Church, which starts with Gervais Principle questioned: MacLeod’s hierarchy, the Technocrat, and VC startups.)

Your 401(k) Is Out to Get You

Who Owns the Future? Not the Middle Class

Applying Conway’s Law

The Elves Leave Middle Earth – Sodas Are No Longer Free | Steve Blank (via Just Well Mixed)

The free coffee test, or Lefkowitz’s Law of Corporate Financial Health

How Technology Is Destroying Jobs

Former Valve Employee: 'It Felt a Lot Like High School' (via Easily Distracted)

Zynga Mistake Puts Random Stranger In Customer Support Role

'Wal-Mart's Worst Nightmare'

Snowden leaks: the real take-home - Charlie's Diary (via Marginal Revolution)

On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs | Strike! Magazine (via Cyborgology, The New Inquiry, and Firedoglake)

The 20% Difference

1st US-made smartphone just as cheap to produce

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer retires: A firsthand account of the company’s employee-ranking system (via Joel Housman and Justin Mason's Weblog)

The STEM Crisis Is a Myth