Don Marti

Sat 29 Dec 2012 09:10:15 AM PST

Sunday links: golden ears, parking, productivity

Do you believe in golden ears? Monty vs. Neil Young on audio codecs.

Paul Barter: Adaptive Parking in a Nutshell. Adaptive Parking aims to make our parking supply and behaviour less rigid and more responsive to changing contexts, including trends away from automobile dependence. By contrast, conventional parking policy tends to lock an over-supply of parking into the landscape, regardless of changing transport preferences and urban market trends.

Productivity advice from Hillary Rettig: “Scope Creep” will Poison Your Projects!

And do code review first, work async, don't keep checking email: Force Multiplying is a great set of productivity tips from Jared Wein at Mozilla.

And if you needed any more time-saving advice, here's Simon Doonan on Why the Art World Is So Loathsome. Thanks, now I don't have to keep up with Art.

And while I'm on a roll: Want to be happier? Stop watching mainstream news by Sebastian Marshall.

Christopher Mims for Quartz: Here comes the first real alternative to iPhone and Android So what makes this group of fewer than 100-odd Finns, most of them refugees from the sinking ship that is Nokia, think they stand a chance?

Blake Madden: PIPELINE: Surf Music’s Rocky Rise, Untimely Death, and Unlikely Return