Don Marti

Mon 12 Jan 2009 12:07:27 PM PST

MLP: ikiwiki, git, MySQL...

Ikiwiki has reached version 3.0. Now with "support for untrusted git push." Could be good for drive-by grammar policing. (Speaking of which, here's the main reason to use the semicolon. "The average reader won't understand its use and will give you credit for erudition." If you're writing to inform, and not just to you-know-what people, though, take a minute to either put in the right conjunction or split up the sentence.)

Can't tell the players without a SELECT * FROM SCORECARD: The New MySQL Landscape by Jeremy Zawodny.

Thought-provoking interview with Tom Limoncelli by Dahna McConnachie on the Computerworld site. "Certain things are scarce but when they become plentiful our thought processes and IT policies don't change fast enough." If you liked Time Management for System Administrators, read it.

New Ideas for Incremental Muni-Fibre and Metro-Fibre: Find your heavy net-using sites and connect them with fiber, replacing operating expense with capital expense.

Garry Dolley explains Hosting Git repositories, The Easy (and Secure) Way. Using gitosis, you can just keep the project contributors' ssh keys in git, instead of having to make a separate account on the system for each one. Bonus git link: a collection of contained and useful single posts which solve specific problems.