Don Marti

Wed 05 Sep 2012 07:35:25 AM PDT

Link dump: Fun with SCM, CI, and devops

How Many Build Agents Does My Project Need? (a.k.a. “The $16,000 Question”)

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Chaos Monkey released into the wild

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Using the Mongo wire protocol for API services

MySQL-to-PostgreSQL Migration Data from

How Gerrit fits in LibreOffice CI Infrastructure

Fixing common Unicode mistakes with Python — after they’ve been made

Octane: the JavaScript benchmark suite for the modern web (via Webmonkey)

State of the MySQL forks (via blogs)

Leaving Github :: IOTTMCO

137 hours compute hours every ~6 minutes

Turning issues into pull requests

What 10gen nailed with MongoDB by Calvin French-Owen (via A VC)

Git mirror of mozilla-central

Fast tip: Enable Git rerere right now