Don Marti

Thu 15 Jun 2006 08:06:59 PM PDT

Friday MLP...Thursday!

I'm going out of town tomorrow, so here's tomorrow's MLP today. (Must keep Firefox tabs from taking over.)

Brian Aker's ultimate store would have burritos, used books, CDs, and net access. Sounds like a Third Place I'd go to.

Bruce Schneier has selected Tom Grant's plot for an awesome terrorist movie as the winner of his Movie Plot Threat contest.

I thought regular Mountain Dew was already extreme. But if it isn't extremely extreme, it isn't extreme. That's the whole point of extreme. If you can think of something more extreme, the old extreme just became "edgy".

I plan to buy the complete Jonathan Coulton box set when I get home. Jonathan Coulton is the mutant spawn of Suzanne Vega and Mark Leyner. (Will someone use Creative Commons powers to actually put the hand claps on Not About You?)

Yow! serial comma cage bout, NPOV-style!