Don Marti

Mon 26 Dec 2005 04:21:46 PM PST

MLP: freedom, time management

Benjamin Mako Hill on OLPC: "The developing world's "computers" will not be able to create or change the software that define them. The code that runs these devices will be proprietary and will remain immutable even in the context of additional hardware. Unless we do something about it."

Paul Graham writes, "Errands are so effective at killing great projects that a lot of people use them for that purpose. Someone who has decided to write a novel, for example, will suddenly find that the house needs cleaning. People who fail to write novels don't do it by sitting in front of a blank page for days without writing anything. They do it by feeding the cat, going out to buy something they need for their apartment, meeting a friend for coffee, checking email."

A.J. Jacobs asks, "Why can't I join in on the biggest business trend of the new century? Why can't I outsource my low-end tasks?" in "My Outsourced Life."