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Sun 29 Dec 2013 06:40:27 PM PST

From inside the filter bubble

(This is feedback for my filter bubble tool, which lives here: read the whole thing. You've probably seem most of these when they made the rounds.)

Sarah Green: Research: Cubicles Are the Absolute Worst

Remy Van Elst: DigitalOcean Sucks. Use DigitalOcean! -

Megan Garber: English Has a New Preposition, Because Internet

Mike Masnick: Microsoft Front Group Struggles To Find App Developers To Sign Letter Against Ditching Bad Patents

Margot Kaminski: The TPP and Copyright

John Gruber: Why an 80 Percent Market Share Might Only Represent Half of Smartphone Users

The Universe of Discourse: Insane calculations in bash

Janet Levaux: Pinball Museum Set for New Alameda Home

When We Lose Antibiotics, Here's Everything Else We'll Lose Too - Wired Science

Kevin Drum: Why Are American Doctors Paid So Damn Much?

David Heinemeier Hansson: Microsoft's dystopian pitch for remote work by David of 37signals

John Bergmayer: If You Love Fair Use, Give It A Day Off Once In a While

Why open-office layouts are bad for employees, bosses, and productivity

Michael Geist: The Trans Pacific Partnership IP Chapter Leaks: The Battle Over Internet Service Provider Liability

sogrady: The Difficulty of Selling Software

Columbia Journalism Review: The NYT's paywall overtakes digital ads

KillerMartinis: Why I Make Terrible Decisions, or, Poverty Thoughts

James Hamblin: The Fist Bump Manifesto

Andrew Raff: Google Book Search is a Fair Use

Staring Down The Taliban In The Race To Eradicate Polio

kohsuke: Summary Report: Git Repository Disruption Incident of Nov 10th

Mike Linksvayer: Upgrade to CC-BY(-(NC(-(ND|SA))?|ND|SA))?-4.0

Rich Miller: Intel: Pollution in Asia Shortens Server Component Life

Docker 0.7 runs on all Linux distributions – and 6 other major features | Docker Blog

Timothy B. Lee: Here’s why Obama trade negotiators push the interests of Hollywood and drug companies

Matthew Yglesias: Can't Talk San Francisco House Prices Without Talking Zoning

James Kwak: Why JPMorgan Is JPMorgan

Doc Searls: Marketing isn’t getting the market’s message

Ben Bajarin: Android is Eating the World

Ian Bogost: For Adults Who Want to Feel Good About Themselves

'Algorave' Is the Future of Dance Music (if You're a Nerd) - Creating Music With Computer Code | VICE United States

Chris Heilmann: Help me write a Developer Evangelism/Advocacy guide

John Hempton: Google Plus will get your children murdered

IPv6-only servers? - Nom de domaine et hébergement cloud - Git Commit

Matthew Yglesias: Conservatives' Curious Affection for the Doctors' Cartel

Dan Roberts: Elizabeth Warren challenges Obama to break up 'too-big-to-fail' Wall St banks

OK to clone software by testing it and reading the manual, rules UK court.

Order Of Truth: The great UK #government #internet porn filter con – what you are REALLY signing up to

Ernesto: What Piracy? Removing DRM Boosts Music Sales by 10 Percent

Stop Being A Bookstore Asshole

Guest Author: On Go’s Web Application Ecosystem

Bill Black: NYT: Not Prosecuting JPMorgan Proves DOJ’s Vigor ?!

Go 1.2 is released - The Go Blog

oliveremberton: The real reason we have meetings

Matthew Green: How does the NSA break SSL?

Patrick Stokes: The digital soul

Steven Rosenberg: I'm looking at the Fedora Power Management Guide

George Monbiot: The lies behind this transatlantic trade deal | George Monbiot

Matthew Garrett: Subverting security with kexec (via

Christina Farr: Swarm Mobile gets $3.5M to track shoppers in physical stores

Andrew Rossignol: A Testament to X11 Backwards Compatibility

Edward Hasbrouck: Witness in “no-fly” trial finds she’s on “no-fly” list too

Eli Dourado: New Dourado and Tabarrok Paper on Intellectual Property

Why you should use OpenGL and not DirectX - Wolfire Games Blog

Bruce Schneier: The Problem with EULAs

Mike Masnick: German Court Says CEO Of Open Source Company Liable For 'Illegal' Functions Submitted By Community (also Court: Open Source Project Liable For 3rd Party DRM-Busting Coding)

Tom Scocca: On Smarm

Welcome To The Memory Hole

Jean-Marc Valin's random rants on DSP, Speex, open-source: Opus 1.1 released

Jeff John Roberts: Supreme Court to review patents on software

Timothy B. Lee: The Supreme Court could abolish software patents next year. Here’s why it should.

Michael Nielsen: How the Bitcoin protocol actually works (via Marginal Revolution and Schneier on Security)

BBC News - World: More men chat in girls' 'dialect'

Mike Masnick: Patenting University Research Has Been A Dismal Failure, Enabling Patent Trolling. It's Time To Stop

Justin Ellis: The Guardian experiments with a robot-generated newspaper with The Long Good Read

Charlie Stross:

Simone: Radio Arcala Antenna Collapsed

Florian Mueller: Federal Patent Court of Germany invalidates Microsoft FAT patent, appeals court may disagree

Restaurant on Google Glasser: Man-child stinking up the joint | Technically Incorrect - CNET News

Carmel DeAmicis: The last person on Earth not burned by Facebook’s privacy settings realizes her entire wall is public

etbe: A Basic Income for Australia

Mike Masnick: The USTR's Revolving Door With Copyright And Patent Maximalists Removes All Credibility

Adele Peters: Turning Vacant New York City Office Space Into A Fun Pop-Up Hotel

Dan Gillmor: Six months after NSA story broke, Edward Snowden looks even more patriotic | Dan Gillmor

Denis Duvauchelle: The most valuable lessons I learned from managing a virtual team

steveblank: When Product Features Disappear – Amazon, Apple and Tesla and the Troubled Future for 21st Century Consumers

jdieter: Multiseat in Fedora 19 and Setting up a multiseat system

Richard Posner: Raise the Federal Minimum Wage (But Not Too Far)—Posner

There’s a 1,200-year-old Phone in the Smithsonian Collections | Ideas & Innovations | Smithsonian Magazine

Michael Geist: The U.S. Stands Alone: How the U.S. Is Increasingly Isolated on Intellectual Property Policy

Anil: Learn to Code Switch Before You Learn to Code

Adrianne Jeffries: CyanogenMod rolls out encrypted text messaging by default

Tom Morris: Why I'm turning JavaScript off by default (via Tobie Langel)

How journals like Nature, Cell and Science are damaging science | Randy Schekman

Jeff Jarvis: Eight tech giants have sided with citizens over spies, but it's not enough | Jeff Jarvis

Sean Hollister: One standard to sync them all: AllSeen Alliance forms to accelerate Internet of Things adoption

Ed Felten: How to stop spies from piggybacking on commercial Web tracking (via Deeplinks)

Planet PostgreSQL: Josh Berkus: Meet your new NoSQL Database

Joshua Koran: Reports of the Cookie's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated -- and That's Good

Charlie Stross: Trust Me (I'm a kettle)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Beta - Red Hat Customer Portal

Adi Kamdar and Rainey Reitman and Seth Schoen: NSA Turns Cookies (And More) Into Surveillance Beacons (via Schneier on Security)

How AT&T;, Verizon, and Comcast are working together to screw you by "Discontinuing Landline Service" | | The personal website of Paul Timmins – Telecommunications expert, father.

UPDATE 3-New U.S. FDA rules aim to cut antibiotic use in farm animals | Reuters

Eugene Kaspersky: Top-10 tips for fighting patent trolls. (via nonpracticingentities)

Chris Roberts: Fedora 20 final status is a go

News is bad for you – and giving up reading it will make you happier | Media | The Guardian (via

Jeffrey Zeldman: This is a Website (via Adactio, Mike Linksvayer,

Jim Motavalli: Driving VW's Astonishing 200 MPG XL1

Charlie: Stainless steel, the metal bacteria love.

Peter Eckersley and Peter Eckersley: Google Removes Vital Privacy Feature From Android, Claiming Its Release Was Accidental (via John Battelle's Search Blog and Global: Dan Gillmor |

Zev Winicur: (Gluten-Free) (Vegetarian) Tamale Pie

Keith Packard: xserver-warnings

Johannes Ernst: There are only Three Base Business Models

CoreOS Blog: Running etcd in Docker Containers

Daniel Kahn Gillmor (dkg): OpenPGP Key IDs are not useful

Charlie Smith: How US News Organziations Should Respond to Censorship in China

Bruce Schneier: World War II Anecdote about Trust and Security

DigitalOcean's guide to using Docker on their hosts (via Justin Mason's Weblog)

Doc Searls: Fred Wilson’s talk at LeWeb (via Marc's Voice)

Robinhood The world's $0 commission stock brokerage.

Benjamin Meyer: Large Git repositories

Colin Ian King: Detecting System Management Interrupts

Tantek Çelik: XFN 10th Anniversary (via Mike Linksvayer, Marc's Voice, and The Promised Planet)

Tobie Langel: "Counter intuitively, it may be better not to sit with your developers, you may get a better idea of..."

Mike Hadlow: Are Your Programmers Working Hard, Or Are They Lazy?

Kevin Drum: Repeat After Me: There's No Such Thing as Socialsecurityandmedicare

Ardi Kolah: Marketers face ‘double legal whammy’ on DM activity in 2014

Tom Philpott: Will Factory Farms Finally Have to (Gasp!) Get a Vet's Approval to Use Antibiotics?

Ronald Bailey: Kill Off Software Patents

Switch to open source successfully completed, city of Munich says | PCWorld

RT: Uruguay faces UN backlash for legalizing pot

BBC News - World: Moon rover sends back first photos (via SWJ Blog and Core77)

dotCore: Simple Binary Encoding, a new ultra-fast marshalling API in C++, Java and .NET

Kent Anderson: Print’s Retreat — Are the New Metrics of Online Actually Devaluing Publications?

Jan De Deken: The Architect of Uruguay's Marijuana Legalization Speaks Out

Caleb Garling: A modest proposal: Lose the tint, Tech Buses

John Brownlee: This Genius Spoof Rebrands Santa For The 21st Century

Matthew Yglesias: Central Planning in America (via Moneybox)

Andy Greenberg: ‘A Genius Among Geniuses’ (via Standblog and Nieman Journalism Lab)

Beat the Press: Paul Krugman and TPP (via Crooked Timber)

News You Can Bruise: Markov vs. Queneau: Sentence Assembly Smackdown

Baylen Linnekin: Small-Town Raw Milk Farm Faces Dubious Attack in Massachusetts

Svati Kirsten Narula: Americans Still Care About Their Public Libraries (via The American Conservative)

Joey Hess: completely linux distribution-independent packaging

Sean Gallagher: Update: NSA surveillance critic Bruce Schneier to leave post at BT (via Schneier on Security)

Matthew Yglesias: You Can't Talk Housing Costs Without Talking About Zoning

Matthew Yglesias: How To Save Money on Amazon With a Fake Baby (via Ars Technica)

Elsevier steps up its War On Access | Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week (via Hack Education)

rob: Less is exponentially more

On undoing, fixing, or removing commits in git (via Justin Mason's Weblog)

Mark Dominus: Moonpig: a billing system that doesn't suck

adamw: PSA: Use Fedup 0.8 for Fedora 20 upgrades

Inside the Saudi 9/11 coverup | New York Post

The Mission to De-Centralize the Internet : The New Yorker (via Planet Intertwingly and O'Reilly Radar - Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies)

Daniel Genkin, Adi Shamir, Eran Tromer: RSA Key Extraction via Low-Bandwidth Acoustic Cryptanalysis (via Schneier on Security and Planet Intertwingly)

Sean Gallagher: NSA leaks blamed for Cisco’s falling sales overseas (updated)

Charlie Stross: Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire (via amor mundi and see shy jo)

Dean Takahashi: Google’s Niantic Labs formally launches massive mobile game Ingress

UPDATE 3-Saab wins Brazil jet deal after NSA spying sours Boeing bid | Reuters (via Cato @ Liberty)

Timothy B. Lee: Obama administration sued over its secretive trade negotiations

Kashmir Hill, Forbes Staff: Data Broker Was Selling Lists Of Rape Victims, Alcoholics, and 'Erectile Dysfunction Sufferers'

jbat: Facebook Must Win The Grownup Vote

sogrady: DVCS and Git Usage in 2013

Nathaniel Mott: Why the HP Chromebook 11′s exploding charger is its best feature

Moxie Marlinspike >> Blog >> A Crypto Challenge For The Telegram Developers

David Kendal: Block-chains and Bitcoin

Gregory Ferenstein: Tim Draper Wants To Split California Into Pieces And Turn Silicon Valley Into Its Own State (via TechCrunch)

Dylan Love: BitTorrent Is Building An NSA-Proof Chat Product

Dan Brekke: Bus Vandalized as Protesters in S.F., Oakland Target Silicon Valley Shuttles

Kyle: Using Copyright to Keep Repair Manuals Secret Undermines Circular Economy

Dan Brekke: Google Bus Protesters’ Manifesto: ‘Get Out of Oakland!’

doingitwrong: When “Life Hacking” Is Really White Privilege — Medium (via Chris Hanel)

Sam Biddle: Tech Titan: Let's Break Up California and Make Silicon Valley a State

BitTorrent secures and open-sources DHT bootstrap server

Francois Marier: Creating a Linode-based VPN setup using OpenVPN on Debian or Ubuntu

BBC News - AK47 assault rifle designer Kalashnikov dies at 94

Mikko Hypponen: An Open Letter to the Chiefs of EMC and RSA

Mike Masnick: RSA's 'Denial' Concerning $10 Million From The NSA To Promote Broken Crypto Not Really A Denial At All

The Tech Block: Edward Snowden, after months of NSA revelations, says his mission’s accomplished (via WIL WHEATON dot TUMBLR and Firedoglake)

Jason: Ho Rudolph


Molly Samuel: The KQED Blog Posts That Just Won’t Go Away

samzenpus: Interview: Bruce Sterling Answers Your Questions (via Giles Bowkett)

Paul Nijjar's Internet Landfill -- Firehose: Why Libraries Still Matter

Guy Somerset: Manufacturing Outrage

Matt Blaze: How Worried Should We Be About the Alleged RSA-NSA Scheming?

Krzysztof Kotowicz: Rapportive XSSes Gmail or have yourself a merry little botnet...

Network & Infrastructure Blogs: Offshore Cloud Services: Who's in control?

Derek Jones: How to use intellectual property tax rules to minimise corporation tax → iA makes patent threats (via Prolost and And now it’s all this)

Platypus Reloaded: Data Extortion

Steve Kovach: Why Your Android Phone Will Always Be Out Of Date

Felix Salmon: Why cab drivers should love Uber

Mat Honan: Generation X Is Sick Of Your Bullsh*t

Eric Blattberg: Apple-backed Rockstar group reportedly hawking its patents

essjaybee: Philip Guo - The Two Cultures of Computing (via Bucktown Bell)

Jeremy Stieglitz: Monster Madness – creating games on the web with Emscripten (via Standblog)

Arik Hesseldahl: Talk of an RSA Boycott Grows After Reports It Colluded With the NSA (via AllThingsD)

On Hacking MicroSD Cards « bunnie's blog (via

67p – British government porn filters block EFF, Linux, Amnesty and more

Catalog Reveals NSA Has Back Doors for Numerous Devices - SPIEGEL ONLINE