Don Marti

Sat 08 Jul 2006 05:31:57 AM PDT

MLP: employment, parking, spam, publishing

Good things to keep in mind: RESIGNATION/LAYOFF CHECKLIST from Rands.

You ought to be ashamed (but you aren't): discussion of the correlation between corruption and diplomatic parking violations. (I wonder how this correlates to GPL violations and other copyright infringement.)

Two good spam-fighting links from Justin Mason: Hotmail has Many, Many Spamtraps. (via Justin Mason) What if you don't have millions of abandoned accounts? I suppose you could check your logs for spammers doing dictionary attacks, and just use those addresses. Anyway, if everyone created 10 spamtrap addresses per real user, the cost of sending spam would go up ten-fold. (In other news, don't send any mail to Also, "arguably, the optimal time to do final filtering might be just before the user is about to read their mail." -- Joe St Sauver (PDF) (via Justin Mason)

The parasitism on scientific publishing that Robert Maxwell started is finally turning around. (via Ethan Zuckerman.)

Ruby entry in the quest toward the goal of AJAX without writing the JavaScript yourself: rb2js (via RedHanded)