Don Marti

Wed 10 Feb 2010 07:22:33 AM PST

MLP: DNS, git, money

BIND? nscd? Google Public DNS? Unbound? Rick Moen explains DNS in The Village of Lan: A Networking Fairy Tale

Make music, not debt: Free Pick Machine! (via

Moving Your Money Can Have a Real Effect on Big Banks

Boy Scientist Sent for Counseling

The Era of Black Boxes by Hovik Melikyan (via Bruce Schneier)

"We view git as the SCM solution of the future at Eclipse and hope to have it up and running for as the main SCM repository for as many projects as possible by the end of 2010." -- Mike Milinkovich (via Shawn Pearce) (the Eclipse Foundation needs to hire a paralegal who knows Git, though.)

Short web comic: The Invaders

Ben Adida: Don’t Hash Secrets.