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Fri 24 Jul 2009 05:52:39 PM PDT

Lots of MLP piled up

You probably read most of these a while ago. Just clearing out the accumulated links before I try Iceweasel 3.5.

I sent in one of Three More Reviews for Jono Bacon's The Art of Community. Valuable ideas, including thinking in terms of teams from day one. Don't just think about getting people, think about helping people self-organize into teams around specific kinds of work to do.

Speaking of work, make your kids do chores. It's good for them. (via Free Range Kids)

Anil Dash: Google's Microsoft Moment. "Let me be clear: I don't think Google is 'turning evil'. Hell, I've caught a lot of flack for the fact that basically I don't think Microsoft was evil. But there are some notable trends going on across Google today that could cause the company to compromise its stated values and that will certainly cause people to think Google is being evil, if not corrected. (via Matt Cutts.)

Lisa Barone has a handy checklist of places to look for links and listings for a small business web site. (via David Mihm)

"At a time when small businesses are failing left and right and Californians everywhere could use a lift, the ABC has decided to step up harassment of bars, clubs, dance halls and live entertainment venues of all types." STOP THE WAR ON FUN.

Peter Shankman and Sarah Evans: Ways to tell your Social Media “Expert” Might Not Be An “Expert” After All "If they don’t show up on the first page of Google, how are they going to get you up there?"

Fred von Lohmann, you say, "it would be a copyright violation for you to play your car radio with the window down!" like it's a bad thing.

Bill Moyers interviews Wendell Potter, former chief flack for Cigna.

OK, finally saw that MSIE "Oh My God I'm Going To Puke"commercial.
(So version 6 " Must Die" and version 8 is for pr0n version 7 acceptable? Don't know.)

Help A Reporter Out

From the social media expert link I discovered Help A Reporter Out which seems interesting. Unfortunately it only operates Monday to Friday so I'll have to wait a couple of days to get the first messages.

I think it would be good if someone ran such a service dedicated to just IT stuff.

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