Don Marti

Fri 20 Mar 2009 10:28:30 AM PDT


Open Access 1, George Will 0: Case study in OA literature helping to resolve a public controversy. Yes, I know, yet another link from Open Access News— just get the feed. Bonus link: MIT adopts a university-wide OA mandate.

Get Helvetica Off Our Money.

Checklist for getting cohousing started in Nevada City. Could apply to a bunch of other community projects, too.

Speaking of cohousing: TRIBES! and War Nerd: Apocalypse Never

Say it ain't so! Bruce Schneier put a backdoor in Blowfish.

From a review of Julia Keller's book on the inventor of the Gatling gun: "In one of the most bizarre episodes Ms. Keller recounts, on July 17, 1863, during the draft riots, the New York Times (which supported conscription) mounted three Gatling guns on the roof of its headquarters, with the editor in chief at the trigger, and successfully cowed an angry mob without firing a single shot."