Don Marti

Sun 20 May 2012 07:40:30 AM PDT

MLP: Coding, equations, git

(Working on a script for mindless link propagation, and posting results. Some of these have been out for a while, but all worth a look.)

Technology that Benjamin Mako Hill uses, on

Rob Pike's The byte order fallacy: "the computer's byte order shouldn't matter to you one bit."

Worried about access to generative technology? Charles Miller is not: Johnny and Jenny Can Code

Software Cooperative News: DLT is better than CAPTCHA. Better ways to think about comment spam protection.

Akkana Peck covers MathJAX (JavaScript meets LaTex): Displaying equations on the web

Mosh, the "mobile shell" is the new shiny. Matt Simmons: Mosh Pit, or Why Terminal Emulators Suck suihkulokki: Mosh - better remote shell

Lots of good Git workflow and infrastructure ideas out there. has an intro to GitHub. Dan Croak covers working with remote branches for code reviews: Remote Branch Kenneth Reitz explains how to organize the repository for a Python project: Repository Structure and Python Adrian Holovaty has a good migration story: Moving Django to GitHub: the postmortem. Mark Dominus uses "rebase --interactive" extensively: My Git Habits