Don Marti

Wed 26 Nov 2008 11:16:33 PM PST

MLP for virtual Friday

Bunch of tabs to close.

Google AdSense Fails on Relevancy, Control, Policy, and Google Says Nothing

Comment spammers: Enough Already, says Danny Sullivan.

Want a piece of the biggest .... sandwich the world has ever seen? Apply at (Yes, I already have.)

OCLC is eeevil, but we knew that. (Actually, most of the people who sell IT products and services to libraries should be run out of town on a rail. Library boards say, "ooooo, computers!" and open their checkbooks for all kinds of crap.)

Giles Bowkett: Robot Warriors Will Destroy America. See STEMI Compression: why DIY terrorist robots will be cheap. (And we only have to build one.)

Jeremy Zawodny's font tweak works great with Iceweasel on Debian, and in a white text/black background gnome-terminal.

Give Up and Use Tables! (seriously, use CSS for everything, but to build a big framework thingy to pack stuff into, a table is not the end of the world.)

Protect right-handedness: The California Right-handed Protection Amendment

Matthew Garrett writes down some Good power management practices. More discussion at LWN.

Recession? We can get through it. Justin Mason points out some innovative, state-of-the-art cost-cutting exercises at The Digital Depot.