Don Marti

Wed 15 Apr 2009 07:19:09 PM PDT

MLP: celebration?

Score one for the corporate welfare lobbyists over at the World Imperialism and Protectionism Organization—they've convinced the University of Toronto (which is a real university) to "celebrate" World Intellectual Property Day. Hey, how about a session on "Stealing From Taxpayers: Patenting your Publicly Funded Research" or "Pilfering from the University Library Without Setting off the Alarm: How to Publish in Non-Open Access Journals." (Hey, Sacha, you going?)

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Wells Fargo and Hartford have to be up for a sneaky junk mail award. Envelope copy: "Please open without delay. Your Emergency Card is enclosed." Letter headline: Account Holder Alert. Actual content: a pitch for an insurance policy from The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

"When the legal rate of interest, on the contrary is fixed but a very little above the lowest market rate, sober people are universally preferred, as borrowers, to prodigals and projectors." -- Adam Smith

"A company is no more expensive than a hobby these days." -- Paul Graham

Cameron Sinclair asks about "The Architecture of Excess vs. an Architecture of Relevance."