Don Marti

Fri 09 Dec 2005 05:18:40 PM PST

Corrupt CDs, networking with lasers, holiday greetings

Ed Felten: "DRM is used as a weapon not against infringers but against market rivals." More Ed Felten: "Having set off down the road of CD copy protection, the music industry shouldn’t be surprised to have arrived at spyware. Because that’s where the road leads." Actually, just subscribe to his feed already.

Laser networking instructions: Do not remove the spider that will inhabitate the slot between the hood and the tube of the transmitter. Neither remove his web. The spider is a part of system design.

Neologism from David Weinberger: A "digital fright page" is a page that warns you against using content in ways you used to think were legitimate. I just made it up.

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