Don Marti

Thu 02 Jan 2014 07:53:21 AM PST

Look what the Internet dragged in: business links

Working hours: Get a life | The Economist

Gregg Easterbrook: How the NFL Fleeces Taxpayers

Jon Lund, Guest Contributor: Why tablet magazines are a failure

Jack Clark: NHS tears out its Oracle Spine in favour of open source

Emily Washington: The Value of Walkability

Peter Frase: Delusions of the Tech Bro Intelligentsia

Vijay Govindarajan: India’s Secret to Low-Cost Health Care

Andrew Price: What About The Elderly?

polkadotjello: Engineer’s “Pico Dwelling” Micro Apartment

Catherine Price: Can a $400 Blender Change Your Life?

Sue Gardner: What’s really wrong with nonprofits — and how we can fix it

Derek Thompson: Writing for Free

Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds panic myth: The infamous radio broadcast did not cause a nationwide hysteria.

The U.S. Needs To Retire Daylight Savings

Cyrus Farivar: Man sues DHS, NSA for the right to parody them on mugs, T-shirts

Sweden’s billionaires: They have more per capita than the United States.

Rose Eveleth and Rachel Nuwer: Show Me the Money: The Economics of Freelance Science Journalism

Bob Bly: Further adventures of a cranky old man

Rob Bricken: Subway is making official Hunger Games sandwiches like it's not insane

Dan Gillmor: Thanks to WikiLeaks, we see just how bad TPP trade deal is for regular people | Dan Gillmor

Doc Searls: How to rescue radio

Ryan: The Secret to Selling on Craigslist

Lydia DePillis: Car companies are picking sides between Apple and Google (via The Big Picture)

Stuart Wall: Mile-High disruption: Why Denver should be on your tech radar next year