Don Marti

Fri 30 Jan 2009 11:44:53 AM PST

MLP: Internet business, Github, San Francisco

Community Networks — the Robin Hood Approach: 100Mbps community LANs in Pakistan. And the price is $8/mo, where upstream connectivity is more expensive than in the USA.

Cash4Gold's SEO guy offers to buy Rob Cockerham out of the company's Google search results. (All together now...Cash4Gold)

IT Media business lesson from SYS-CON: To sell more web advertising in a tough market, be sure to call one of your advertisers a "..... with a big ....... mouth." (If you're still writing for SYS-CON, and still making zero point squat and getting your byline stuck to dubious stuff, mail me and I'll help you find someone with a budget (maybe a small one, but hey) and some common sense to write for. Anyone in the IT Media has a SYS-CON story. If you're the media buyer who's still putting Microsoft ads on this, don't change a thing. You're perfect.)

Brady Forrest on GitHub: "Github combines "standard" features of social networking sites with distributed source-control Git."

Just a few more days to get your proposals in for OpenSource World™ (formerly LinuxWorld.) This is going to be more of a community event this year, with more miniconferences and special events available to all, not just full conference badge holders. And it's in San Francisco.