Don Marti

Wed 21 Jun 2006 10:56:53 PM PDT

Friday MLP, Wednesday

(Yes, another family trip coming up, so here's all the extra random stuff.)

"How to promote your band on the Internet" department. Mary Wehmeier's checklist is Cluetrain to the Boys in the Band, Chris Juergensen's Marketing your Music Through Podcasting at Magnatune.

If you like stories of hard-to-cancel services, David Weekly points out that Vonage Sucks. (In other news, PhoneGnome has opted out of stardom in cancellation horror stories. Awww, you're no fun.)

The DialIdol application counted busy signals on "American Idol" to predict the winner. SMS-only voting next year? (via Sean Park)

Nat Torkington's nifty list of links includes how to solve all solvable Sodoku puzzles in 100 lines of Python by Peter Norvig.

Linux, Tomcat, and MySQL vs. energy waste: Jon Udell covers Site Control.

Zopa is coming to the USA.